Design Solutions

According to the drawings or samples provided by the customer, we make a three-dimensional model of the product and use the three-dimensional drawing to make an aluminum or steel mold. Then we will inject the wax into the metal mold with wax injection equipment and remove the wax mold after cooling.

The wax parts are dipped into the equipment containing silica gel zirconia sand powder and other coatings, and the wax parts are sprayed with zirconia sand powder. Then dipped into the hardening tank containing ammonium chloride and magnesium chloride and other materials. Afterwards, dried and the next layer of the operation, the process is repeated about 6 times.

Put the raw materials into the intermediate frequency electric furnace to melt, and add metal elements to formulate the materials. When the temperature of the molten steel rises to about 1600 degrees, we will pour the molten steel into the mold shell through the ladle after the chemical analysis in front of the furnace is qualified. This allows the molten steel to fill the cavity and cool down, and then we can take samples for post-furnace final inspection.



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